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An all semester program that focuses on the basics of the electronics and robotics in order to raise the practical experience of the students and the IEEE members in Hashemite University the field of electronics and robotics.

Objectives of the program:
the main objective is to encourage the students to learn the basics of the electronics and robotics by themselves, by giving them the basics and the tools they need to learn depending on them by self learning; using the internet, books, and other available information sources.

Two days in a week (Tuesday and Wednesday) all semester long.

2:00 – 4:00 PM.

Number of participants:
40 students.

IEEE Members participants:
25 member.

Started From:
1/10/2016 To: 25/12/2016.

Hashemite University.

Topic covered in the program:

  • Basic knowledge of Arduino
  • Smart house sensors
  • Basics of robotics